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jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010

Evolution (In the series my planet.!)

We see the world turmoil, we see situations of apparent destruction, it seems that nature turns on us, this is what you really think?
A few days ago, was talking to Jacqueline from Miami, were on tours throughout the 22:00 in Chile, we were reflecting on earthquake activity worldwide. He commented that they help people to become aware of our planet for their care and how Mother Earth is showing signs of dramatic change, I asked him to write something for our friends and this was the result of this difficult and painful night of sorrows to many fellow Chileans, thanks Jacqueline. (Mauricio Rojas)

"Right now we are going through situations and global phenomena, which some have surprised us with their presence and activity, it is important to be aware that we are part of a whole, and as such are an important part of the changes occurring on our planet and which are necessary to achieve the evolution.

Is important and necessary that we be aware that just as we were part of this wonderful creation, and it must be an important part of this wonderful evolution, all that is happening has to happen, and an open consciousness, a consciousness mature, we understand and be part of this expected trend.

We must be aware of and the process, but above all you have to be aligned with the natural energy that will allow us to be in perfect harmony to undertake this process of planetary ascension at a frequency of perfect harmony and love.

This is no time to feel guilty about anything, it's time to take action, action to be in harmony with this wonderful process that we participate, we create a place of meditation and internal harmonization, it is our sacred place and get to the essence of our being which is in direct connection with the infinite consciousness of the universe, and in those moments of meditation and connection with the supreme power find answers to our concerns, but above all peace to our hearts.

Let's mirrors of love and evolved beings, through the manifestation of God in every one of us. Let the spirit of God is manifest freely. The evolution leads to a higher plane, only to be spiritually prepared we will be part of this process. "

Jacqueline Escalona.

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