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lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Thinking to start your own sunrise.

Thinking to start your own sunrise.

The nature of love, not conditioned by what is our present, nor things, no time, unlike the passion that is necessary to vary the forms and effects. Love alone will settle for the most insignificant gesture, with a paper flower with a sweet word, the nurturing of hope, and bear the weight of the world if necessary. In fact, love alone is enough to fill all things.

All the search consciously or unconsciously in life is love. And all the ways that happiness might be possible, are manifestations of the same energy. The divinity hidden in each person always expressed, compassionate, always leave traces of light that has inside.

Rationality without love is like a candle without the flame off and the oxygen of the spirit of faith. So you can not rationalize to love God. All conjectures us closer to the idea that we are a purpose more than a mere coincidence.

Although God is not more than the love and all its variations, intelligence made individual conscience, the Word made action and the universe made a human being like you would when you forgive, when you hug when you feel compassion, when you sow peace between men, when you smile and get excited by the miracle of living, yeah! God exists when I can see you so!

The real power is in control what confuses us, takes us away and we are away from brotherly love, by the word warm, sincere hug, humility, our fellow man and God.

Mauricio Rojas Ortega

martes, 6 de abril de 2010

A Bigger Plan (Sri Poem - Aurobindo)

A Bigger Plan (Sri Poem - Aurobindo)

I no longer supports the attractiveness cry of life,
Your joy and your pain, your charm, your laughter lute.
Silenced are the magical moments of the flute,
And the shape and color and the brief ecstasy. ... Ver más
I want to hear, in my mind amplitude solitary
The Voice when mortal lips are silent:
Seeking the absolute wonder of things
Born from the silence of eternity.

There is a need in the soul of man
That never quench surface splendor;
For the life and mind, and his glory and debate,
They are the slow prelude to a broader issue,
The confused outline of a divine plan
A preface to the epic of the Supreme.
Note:Sri Aurobindo's words are a source of inspiration, all these can not be considered to solve the matter without the greatness of spirit, that is where lies the power to bring that plane invisible from our dreams and the greatest achievements a human being can even imagine!

Mauricio Rojas O.

jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010

Evolution (In the series my planet.!)

We see the world turmoil, we see situations of apparent destruction, it seems that nature turns on us, this is what you really think?
A few days ago, was talking to Jacqueline from Miami, were on tours throughout the 22:00 in Chile, we were reflecting on earthquake activity worldwide. He commented that they help people to become aware of our planet for their care and how Mother Earth is showing signs of dramatic change, I asked him to write something for our friends and this was the result of this difficult and painful night of sorrows to many fellow Chileans, thanks Jacqueline. (Mauricio Rojas)

"Right now we are going through situations and global phenomena, which some have surprised us with their presence and activity, it is important to be aware that we are part of a whole, and as such are an important part of the changes occurring on our planet and which are necessary to achieve the evolution.

Is important and necessary that we be aware that just as we were part of this wonderful creation, and it must be an important part of this wonderful evolution, all that is happening has to happen, and an open consciousness, a consciousness mature, we understand and be part of this expected trend.

We must be aware of and the process, but above all you have to be aligned with the natural energy that will allow us to be in perfect harmony to undertake this process of planetary ascension at a frequency of perfect harmony and love.

This is no time to feel guilty about anything, it's time to take action, action to be in harmony with this wonderful process that we participate, we create a place of meditation and internal harmonization, it is our sacred place and get to the essence of our being which is in direct connection with the infinite consciousness of the universe, and in those moments of meditation and connection with the supreme power find answers to our concerns, but above all peace to our hearts.

Let's mirrors of love and evolved beings, through the manifestation of God in every one of us. Let the spirit of God is manifest freely. The evolution leads to a higher plane, only to be spiritually prepared we will be part of this process. "

Jacqueline Escalona.

domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

All of that ..

That note unforgettable memory, that wonderful perfume, that moonlight and calm waters, the deep sky, the rain of charm, that wind, the chirping of a bird, those eyes that look for happiness, the heart that beats for love This sweet image of God, that unfinished sculpture, this treasure to discover, that hope is not worn, you were always you! Each hit and every gaffe, every laugh and every tear, every walk and every break, every morning and every afternoon, every hug and every lonely, everyday and every night, every child and every elder, every man and woman, every time and each time has no meaning without you. As high as heaven, as deep in the sea, as far as I remember, as near as your skin as soon as today, but so long, as bright as the sun, or cloudy or winter, as sweet as a kiss as hard as the farewell, as fresh as the comfort or bitter as the pain, so much that they exist, so sorry you're not, so everything so much. All this, is the wave of time going through you and me, leaving memories, marking the compass of the universe, the presence of your image, the beauty of your soul, the sound of angels wings to make you wake up working at birth , and listen to fly again when they left. Hundreds often not necessary if you can wake up now conscious. All this poetry, he writes in an instant infinity called life, a person called you, the most perfect works ever created., Lucid dreaming of your existence.

sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

Intelligence is looking for Happiness

Intelligence is looking for Happiness, Happiness is looking for love And love for God. All the finer things and the most powerful, are the product of the same source of life. Love is the most tangible expression of God among us. It is the current feeding the lamp of our hearts. And shines above all time, distance and circumstances. Love is compassionate and thoughtful, does not seek its own satisfaction. Rather, it seeks the good of another. No fades, or dependent on circumstances or means, or things. Nothing can stop their power, no wall by preventing high energy. and crossed across the universe if necessary. No deep wound that love can not heal. There is bitter and painful suffering that love turned into hope and peace. All beings of light shine through love. All hopes for humanity are variations of love in different ways. Like hope, justice, forgiveness, peace. All that we unconsciously purpose in our lives is love. Love is over religion, or political thoughts various human. Because God has no religion, only love. The love shines like the sun over all in a garden of different flowers of different colors. Nobody so far away, or excluded, or forgotten to his fate. All are illuminated by the rays of kindness. Our learning during the course of our lives is based on receiving and sharing this feeling with all life. And all life or consciousness recognizes the language of love. For love is the language we recognize all beings be they visible or invisible. Large or small. Land or heavenly. And somehow this brings us to the idea that our sense of life purpose is more than a coincidence. If you want love. Gift this without asking anything in return. Without measure. If you're a lifetime of this gift. Transform yourself into the carrier. And share it. Seed will bear fruit forever. Accompany you during this journey of life and continue talking beyond the nature of your soul. Your feelings and your heart. That is why love is eternal. Because fruits are tangible though your no longer be. You are using the real. And without that do not exist. For each person you think or remember this the signature of the love he ever shared. And it reminds you about it. In every being who loves you unconditionally. It is behind the strength and love of beings of light. Even those who have gone before. But they really are at every moment with you. God as they seek ways to be happy every moment. Because their love for you will continue forever. No matter how young or old you think you are, how rich or poor you feel that you live. There is no barrier to love you always have been and always will be. Not even the sky is so far if love lives in your heart. Neither death nor sorrow, nor hunger, nor persecution, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor low, nothing can ever separate us from the love with which we were created, the purpose of meeting again in spirituality in all the source and fountain of life. To fortify ourselves with love. Thus whenever you're grateful A signature of that love that is returned to say thank you. Every time you bless others, and bless the world around you, that signature of love is added bringing more happiness into your life. No matter the condition where you are. You are a beloved and unique in the universe. Bright and full of all kinds of goodness. But you can only see if you can recognize as such. You can watch you and love you as God does every moment. Because you never delayed. You'll never be a picture of not less than its image. Light and Love will wear. Kindness, gentleness and compassion will be your ringtone. Infinite frequencies manifest any more appropriate term to make your trip a wonderful adventure. To bring your environment forever and forever the marks of divinity living within you. To turn the lamp on all darkness and caress your spirit for all ages.

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