Refreshments to the human spirit

domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

All of that ..

That note unforgettable memory, that wonderful perfume, that moonlight and calm waters, the deep sky, the rain of charm, that wind, the chirping of a bird, those eyes that look for happiness, the heart that beats for love This sweet image of God, that unfinished sculpture, this treasure to discover, that hope is not worn, you were always you! Each hit and every gaffe, every laugh and every tear, every walk and every break, every morning and every afternoon, every hug and every lonely, everyday and every night, every child and every elder, every man and woman, every time and each time has no meaning without you. As high as heaven, as deep in the sea, as far as I remember, as near as your skin as soon as today, but so long, as bright as the sun, or cloudy or winter, as sweet as a kiss as hard as the farewell, as fresh as the comfort or bitter as the pain, so much that they exist, so sorry you're not, so everything so much. All this, is the wave of time going through you and me, leaving memories, marking the compass of the universe, the presence of your image, the beauty of your soul, the sound of angels wings to make you wake up working at birth , and listen to fly again when they left. Hundreds often not necessary if you can wake up now conscious. All this poetry, he writes in an instant infinity called life, a person called you, the most perfect works ever created., Lucid dreaming of your existence.

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