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martes, 6 de abril de 2010

A Bigger Plan (Sri Poem - Aurobindo)

A Bigger Plan (Sri Poem - Aurobindo)

I no longer supports the attractiveness cry of life,
Your joy and your pain, your charm, your laughter lute.
Silenced are the magical moments of the flute,
And the shape and color and the brief ecstasy. ... Ver más
I want to hear, in my mind amplitude solitary
The Voice when mortal lips are silent:
Seeking the absolute wonder of things
Born from the silence of eternity.

There is a need in the soul of man
That never quench surface splendor;
For the life and mind, and his glory and debate,
They are the slow prelude to a broader issue,
The confused outline of a divine plan
A preface to the epic of the Supreme.
Note:Sri Aurobindo's words are a source of inspiration, all these can not be considered to solve the matter without the greatness of spirit, that is where lies the power to bring that plane invisible from our dreams and the greatest achievements a human being can even imagine!

Mauricio Rojas O.

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